311 Fan Spotlight – 4/16/18 – Danielle Schwartz!

We’re back at it again this week with the new 311 fan spotlight! It’s time to meet the other half of a dynamic duo – Danielle Schwartz!

Driving around with a friend in the year 1996, Danielle had the blue album on repeat in her CD player/tape adaptor contraption. Then Transistor and  Soundsystem came out and she purchased them instantly. Transistor quickly became a favorite for her. She said even though she spent years exploring other music genres, 311 was her constant during that time. “I think what drew me to them was that they were so unique and exciting.  I loved the heavy guitar sound, and the music seemed edgy but upbeat.  I could tell they had a lot to say but I knew I’d have to sit down with the liner notes to figure it all out!  I love that Josh & I share the same love for 311, which made for an instant connection when we met in 1997.   It wasn’t until we reconnected for good in 2005 that he showed me how awesome Music & Grassroots are.  How ridiculous to be missing out on those songs for all those years!”

Show count is right around 40, with the upcoming Red Rocks & Ogden show, plus Cali Roots ready to add to that number making it 44. It was in 2012 that they started to travel to see the band and were able to attend their first 311 Day in Vegas. “These days we’ll pretty much go anywhere they are playing two nights in a row!” She believes one of her first shows was at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California. “I’ll always regret missing the Santa Barbara Bowl show in maybe 2000 in college because I opted to go to Mexico.  That would have been such a fun show with their discography at that time.”

Favorite even so far was the first cruise she and Josh were able to attend, which was cruise 4 where they played Soundsystem. “The years around the Red White & Boom shows in Vegas along with the Jamaica cruise were when we really started developing friendships with so many amazing people! I’ll never forget getting on the boat and Josh and I were watching everyone hugging and screaming, and we were like how do these people all know each other?! It was just the jump-start I needed to get involved with our community on Facebook.”

“Rub-a-Dub” is a song that has always held a special place in Danielle’s heart. “It’s simple but the sound just transports me to a peaceful, happy place, no matter what my mood is.” Song that resonates on a deeper level with her is “Simplify.” “It makes me think about how I should appreciate being in the moment and not rush things because I can get wound up over the little things.  After the loss of a friend, I became much more aware of enjoying time with the people I love and appreciating all the little moments together.  This also inspired me to do all the things I want to do, like go to all the concerts and do other things that make me happy and not hold back because of time or money.  I work for my dad at his law office and I’m very lucky that I can take a few days off when I need to.” Picking a favorite lyric is too hard for her because she said that she’s learned so much through their lyrics and they all have had their time and place in her life.

San Jose, California and then Los Gatos is where Danielle grew up as an only child with her amazing mom and dad. “I feel lucky to have had a regular childhood full of love.” She attended UC Santa Barbara and said she still misses living by the beach everyday. “Something in the air just makes me happy and I feel like a better version of myself.” She studied Global Studies, her emphasis in the culture and ideology of Latin America, and also minored in Spanish. After college she briefly lived in Washington, D.C., which she said was a ton of fun. She worked for a radio station and even got hooked up with 311 tickets but had to leave during the opener to go work an event!

Interesting fact you may not know is that Danielle is actually super shy but another side of her comes out at 311 events. She also said she has a cat named Kiva and she’s obsessed with her. Talent comes in the form of dancing and she started it at the age of 3. She has done everything including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip-hop & cheerleading. As if dancing didn’t keep her busy when she was younger she also was committed to water polo and swimming. “I’m still really drawn to water, especially the ocean.  It must be the Pisces in me haha!” Guilty, yet not so guilty pleasure for Danielle is the old T.V. show Psych. “It’s totally my thing- I love a detective show with a comedic edge.”

Musical guilty pleasure is more mellow music like Melody Gardot and similar artists. Aside from this and obviously listening to 311, she also likes Stick Figure and Fortunate Youth. “In the 90s it was all alternative, grunge, and classic rock.  Then in college I developed a taste for punk like Pennywise, Bad Religion, and The Offspring, and later I got into bands like System of a Down and Evanescence.  More recently Josh & I got pretty into blues like Buddy Guy for example.  All of these still have a special place in my heart.  I’m mostly stuck in the 90s besides 311 and reggae.”

Danielle’s message to 311 is: “At a time where I felt like I didn’t have “a thing” or a talent or a passion, 311 has filled the void and I am so thankful for all that they do and all that they’ve given me: a passion for their music, a passion for travel, and a passion for the amazing friends I’ve made.  I really do feel like I’ve found my tribe.”

To her fellow 311 fans:

“You all continually inspire me with your positivity and generosity with each other and the communities around you.  I am always counting down until the next time we can share a moment together rocking out to our favorite music!”


That wraps up the story of Danielle Schwartz! Thank you for sharing it and to all of those who read each week. Now go be awesome and spread the positivity!

Much love – The Runt