311 Fan Spotlight – Rebeca Fernandez!

Meet our newest fan spotlight of the week – Rebeca Fernandez! 

Bex & I on the 311 Cruise 2013!










Rebeca is a woman that goes by many names…Rebeca, Beca, Bex or Bexxhex as some of you     Twitter users may know her by. But one thing is for sure, she is a huge 311 fan that loves seeing live music! Not just 311, but many other bands as well. Very rarely does a week go by that she doesn’t try to squeeze some sort of show in. Beca has seen 311 a total of 41 times in 10 different states (plus an island!), and she plans on extending that number during this summers unity tour! Along with 311, she loves seeing other bands such as Slightly Stoopid, SA’s side project Ghostwolf, and of course Ballyhoo! As she puts it, “ Lotsa love for my Maryland boys!”

Rebeca has been a fan of 311 as long as she can remember and says that, “Their music just always made me feel good when it came on the radio.” She was even part of a street team back when From Chaos was released, going around Baltimore putting up posters to support the band. Gone are those days, but she has extended her promotion to the land of the Internet, with the help of social media! She admits, “Social media kicked my obsession into high gear as I communicated and connected with fans around the globe and also with band members.” I think we can all really relate to that!

When Bex isn’t attending live shows, she works as a proofreader for a financial firm and says that she, “Can provide you with a boatload of knowledge about 401K’s if you’re interested!” Hey, we’re all getting older, so I know who I’ll turn to for advice on the subject! 🙂

Some interesting things you might not know: Beca was born in Valladolid, Spain! Although she moved to Maryland at a young age and has lived there the majority of her life. While some of us who were born in the U.S. were learning Spanish thanks to Sesame Street (like me!), Bex attributes the show to teaching her English! That is very cool in my eyes. Some other things Beca enjoys doing in her spare time are collecting Pez dispensers, which she’s done for years, as well as crocheting which her mother just taught her recently. One of her other amazing talents is her painting. I can personally attest to the the skill she has with a brush and oil paints! As she tells me often, I’m her biggest art collector and fan 😉

One of Rebeca’s favorite songs is “Omaha Stylee”. She can’t really put her finger on exactly why, she says she just feels a connection to it. While that may be one of her favorites, she is truly thankful for all of their music. “I’d really just like to thank 311 for the amazing music, uplifting lyrics, good times, great friends, and tell them that I love them. I’ve actually been lucky enough to tell them that in person multiple times!” Beca also knows that the line most fans use as their personal motto, “Stay positive & love your life”   was a life changer for her. She attributes it to helping her turn things around and make the necessary changes that she needed to be a happier person. “There really is a 311 song to fit just about any situation, or a line to uplift you in any situation hidden within the 311 discography!”

Beca told me the other day to add some stuff if I wanted, since we really know each other quite well at this point. I have to say, that she is a strong, phenomenal woman that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know better. We share a love for so many things besides 311, that we’ve affectionately started calling each other our twin! And I have to truly thank her for keeping me entertained during the work day, as well as introducing me to the heavenly taste of Du Claw Brewery’s Sweet Baby Jesus!!

So if you haven’t met Rebeca, I suggest you try to at some point! She is a fun, feisty, and knows how to make a delectable cupcake or cookie! 😉 I leave you with her personal message to the fans of the greatest band around:

“The people I’ve met are half of what has made this experience so amazing for me. Reuniting with everyone at the big events is something I truly look forward to. I’m so thankful to know you and share these amazing times rocking out next to you! The passion of the excitable crew is like none other!”

Well put Bex! Love you twin! 🙂

311 Fan Spotlight – Meet Carlitos Chavez!

Fans of 311 reside in all areas of the world and we all connect through their music. We’ve also formed a community that interacts not only at summer shows and special events, but through Facebook and Twitter as well. Every one of us is unique and special, and we contribute different elements to the 311 family. Wouldn’t you like to get to know these members better? That’s what I intend to help you do! I’ll be doing spotlights on various fans in 311 nation, so keep checking back to learn about them! 🙂

Meet Carlitos!

Carlitos & I at the fan party -311 Day 2012


Carlitos Chávez is one 311 fan that puts in a lot of miles to see the band!  Carlitos was born in Mexico City, the capital and largest city in the country of Mexico. Later on in life he moved to Cancún where he still currently resides. So in order to see his favorite band, he has to make some pretty extensive travel arrangements but he knows the payoff is worth it. Carlitos started listening to 311 back in 2001 after a friend lent him some of their CD’s including Soundsystem and From Chaos. He was instantly hooked. “I loved the ryhthms and the lyrics”, stated Carlitos. He also loved that the band wasn’t really mainstream in Mexico although they did have a following there. It was like he was let in on an amazing musical secret.

Despite living in Cancún, Carlitos has seen 311 a total of 12 times, including the bands only Mexico concert back in December 2011 and the 2012 311 Day celebration in Las Vegas, which Carlitos says was his favorite show so far. “It was my first one and having a marathon of 311 songs over the span of two days, along with getting to hang out with a bunch of friends I’ve met through all these years…it’s just awesome!” His favorite song is “Get Down” because when he listens to it, he just gets the feeling the band wrote it with him in mind. I think we all can relate to that feeling!

Carlitos is a lover of music in general and also enjoys listening to bands such as Incubus, Ballyhoo!, and NOFX. He is always on the lookout for new bands and music to spark his interest. While Carlitos was born and raised in Mexico, he has also spent time in South New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA. Carlitos funds his 311 habit by practicing law – he is currently an attorney working for a bank. Something that Carlitos thinks most of his 311 family doesn’t know about him? That he not only is an avid lover of football but that he used to play! Carlitos played football for eight years and only gave it up to pursue his professional career of practicing law. His favorite team? The Philadelphia Eagles!

Carlitos can’t express enough gratitude for what this band and the fan community have brought to his life. “I’d like to tell them thank you, for all of their effort and work. Personally it has helped me a lot to get through some phases of my life and also it has filled it with such positivity and good vibes. They have been a major contributor to shape me into the person I am today.”

Carlitos and I have become great friends thanks to 311 and I can truly say he is a ray of sunshine in my life! Every time he messages me he puts a smile on my face by saying just positive things! If you haven’t met Carlitos in person, I truly hope one day you do. He is an amazing individual and one of the nicest people I’ve had the chance to meet!

We’ll wrap this up with a personal message from Carlitos to all the 311 family:

“Love your life. Love your loved ones and always tell them how much they mean to you. Love your work and never complain about your problems because there are people out there in the world in worse situations that would do whatever to have your problems. Also I’d love to invite them to come visit Mexico, it is not as they show it on the TV, come to Cancun, although 311 don’t tour here often but it is a nice, safe a fun place to visit, besides I live here 🙂 TRAVEL is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.”

Anyone down for a Cancún trip with me? Thanks for sharing your thoughts Carlitos! 🙂