311 Fan Spotlight – 9/26/16 – Heather Jensen


Welcome back my excitable family! A new week is upon us and that brings us the new fan spotlight. Time to meet Heather Jensen! 

Flashback to when Heather was a mere 15, she was friends with a girl named Kara who Heather claims was so much cooler than she was and Kara taught her a lot about music and life in general. Kara introduced Heather to many bands and one of those just happened to be 311. “I was instantly hooked. Their sound was so upbeat and different than anything I had heard. It was easy to become a lifetime fan, even at such a young age. They were also my first concert without my parents.” 

Sixteen shows is the count Heather stands at, but she also didn’t start counting until 2014 when she went on her first 311 cruise, which happened to be her first big event. Since then she increased her number quickly and most recently saw them at Red Rocks this year. So far her favorite show she’s been to was the anniversary show last year in Omaha…or the cruise, it’s tough to decide. “That sail away show just fills you with a sense of euphoria that’s hard to describe. Up until the last cruise, I didn’t know much about the familia or the excitable ones. Being a part of that opened my eyes, and changed my life really. I met so many amazing people and was introduced to this whole new world! There is so much love, and a feeling of acceptance and belonging. Taking it all in is like nothing most of us have ever experienced before.”

“Made in the Shade” is the song that means the most to Heather, becoming one of her favorites over the last year. “I just love the words and their meaning. Any time I am feeling down or just need someone or something to remind me that life gets hard sometimes, and to keep moving, I listen to this song. It reminds me that things could always be worse.” Some of her favorite lyrics from songs include “Bout time to give up on, the same old stuff I’m stuck on…just say that it went wrong, and move it along. Sayonara, til’ tomorrow, it’s just how it goes sometimes,” “You can’t be let down, if you don’t expect the world,” and “The same force that flows through every circuit, the juice that’s spent every time you work it…every life form is based on this simplicity, the soul that you have is electricity.”

At 10 years of age Heather moved with her parents and little brother to Overland Park, Kansas, and she has been there ever since aside from a short stint of living in Los Angeles. Heather has done a lot of traveling and says Kansas is a great hub. “I have been to Europe twice and probably seen more than half of the U.S., including all of the Hawaiian islands. I’ve been really lucky to have some amazing adventures. There is so much more of this world I can’t wait to see! I like to jokingly tell people that traveling is my substitute for children!” Heather currently works the front desk and child center at a family owned gym and she loves it! “The people are amazing and I look forward to going to work every day, which is not something everyone gets to say.” She also tends bar in the evenings for extra money. 

Cool hobby that Heather has is collecting mason jars, old jars, and old bottles. “Kind of a nerdy/grandma hobby lol, but I just love anything that’s old or worn in. Brings me back to a time when things were more simple and people were more pleasant to each other. I probably have 30-40 Mason jars and old bottles at this point. I am always looking for more. My Mom and I love to go to estate sales, antique shops and so on looking for treasures.” 

Heather also has a big love for all animals and has a big soft spot for them. “I have always had a soft spot in my heart for them, and believe they deserve the same rights as humans. Everyone in my family has always had several animals, so I just grew up around people who loved them too. In the last few years I have made changes in my life to become more animal friendly and more considerate of the sacrifices they make for us.” Heather is a cat lover and she adopted all of her cats from either a shelter or people who couldn’t keep them anymore. “At one point I had 3 cats, and in the last 2 years I lost all of them. Just recently my youngest passed away from a rare disease called Cushings. Helping her deal with her symptoms every day, and go through that together showed me what unconditional love really is. It was VERY tough, but I feel lucky to have been able to give all of them a great home over the years.”


Guilty pleasure for Heather comes in the form of anything involving true crime whether it’s T.V. or books. “I religiously listen to podcasts about criminals and murder lol. Real Crime Profile, Serial and My favorite murder are my top three. I always wanted to be a Criminal Profiler in the FBI when I was little. Although that’s not the field I ultimately chose to go into, I am still pretty obsessed with human behavior. There is nothing more fascinating in my opinion.”

When not listening to 311, Heather can be found jamming out to artists such as Dirty Heads, Incubus (who she has seen as many times as 311), Stick Figure, Justin Timberlake, Diplo, Pretty Lights, Chromeo, Skrillex, Big Gigantic, Griz, The Floozies, Beats Antique, and even 80’s music with bands like Toto, which is one of her favorite 80’s bands. “My parents influenced my musical preferences a lot. They had great taste in music, and I owe them so much gratitude for that.”

To 311 Heather’s message is this:

“I would thank them for enriching all of our lives and for bringing us together; for giving all of us so much to look forward to each year. When people ask me about our familia, I like to tell them that it’s not just about the band, it’s about the people, the friendships and the camaraderie; feeling like you belong to something special. The music, and the pleasure of watching them TRULY enjoy what they do, is something I feel lucky to witness time and time again.”

To all her fellow fans:

“Dr. Seuss said it best…’Be who you are, and say what you feel…because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.’ Live your life with no regrets!”


There you have the tale of Heather Jensen’s love for 311! Thank you Heather for being a part of this and thank you to all those that read each week! You are all amazing people and I hope to one day have interviewed you all. Until we meet again 311 nation…go stay positive and love your life. 

Much love – The Runt

311 Fan Spotlight – 9/19/16 – Jason White!


We meet again my excitable friends! Welcome back. Are we ready for our next fan spotlight? It’s time to meet Jason White!

Like many fans, Jason was introduced to 311 via the music video for “Down.” “I thought they were new and different, and wanted to go find as much of their music as possible.” He immediately went out and bought the blue album, Grassroots and Music. Once he heard Music he was hooked and it’s still his favorite album. 

Number of times he’s seen 311 live…well he really has no clue. He tries to hit at least one show every summer. Of the shows he has seen, favorite slot is a toss up between 311 Day 2012 and Pow Wow. “311 Day 2012 was my first, and I ended up staying in a house full of complete strangers. But even though I knew nobody there, it just seemed like we were all family. The environment at Pow Wow was just amazing, but my favorite experience at it was after all the shows were done the first night. I went to hang out at the camp site next to mine, and we made everyone that was on their late night walks to the river stop and take a shot of vodka with us. I really don’t recall a lot about that night, but all weekend random people were yelling my name and I just gave them a confused look like, do I know you?”

Favorite song constantly rotates for Jason because so many mean a lot to him. Currently it’s “The Call.” “The world can be such a jacked up place, especially now. To me the song is an anthem to push me to be active to affect the change I want to see.” Two of his favorite lyrics are “Stay positive and love your life,” and “Everything you do it comes back to you.”

Jason was born and raised in Southern California. After that he moved to North Carolina for high school but then had the opportunity to spend two years of it in Ausburg, Germany as an exchange student. After high school Jason joined the Marine Corps and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. “I was one of the crazy people that liked it there, and just kept extending. Deployed to Thailand, S. Korea, and Australia for exercises.” Jason was then medically discharged and decided to go back to school, so he moved back to North Carolina for his undergraduate degree and then continued on to Ohio for law school. “Never expected to ever visit Ohio, but I determined that it was fate that that was where I was supposed to be because when I got my apartment assignment at the school, I was assigned to apartment 311.” From there he spent a brief time in Richmond, Virginia but decided it wasn’t for him and finally made it back to Cali where he took a position with the National Archives and Records Administration at the Nixon Presidential Library. 

At the last 311 Day Jason was dubbed “The Wanderer” because he tends to wander off a lot. “I think that fits, because I’m already ready to leave California again to see where my next adventure will lead me. One of my goals is to set foot on every continent on earth, so hopefully next summer I’ll be making my way to Africa. Then all that will be left is Antarctica, and while difficult, I think I have figure out how to make that one happen as well.” 

Fun fact about Jason: He hated Transistor when it first came out. “Just could not get into it at all. It wasn’t until I saw them do it live, front to back, at Pow Wow that I really started to like it.”  Cool talent that he possesses: He can play the bagpipes! Guilty pleasure, as much as he hates to admit it, is that he’s a bit obsessed with the Bachelor/Bachelorette T.V. shows! “I started watching them because a local radio morning show would always talk about them on my way to work, so I decided to check them out so I would know what they were talking about. The shows are just so horribly bad that I can’t stop watching them now, and watch it whenever a new season starts.” 

Some other musical artists that Jason can be find jamming out to are Bad Religion, Suburban Legends, Twenty One Pilots, The Hamilton Soundtrack, Pearl Jam, Weezer, Radiohead, The Smiths, The Cure, and Danzig.

To 311, Jason would like to say: “Thank you for making music that touches so varied, and touches so many people’s lives. Current music just seems so cookie cutter, and that is one thing I don’t think anyone could ever say about 311.”

To all the other amazing fans of this wonderful band:

“To the fans, I have to say thank you as well. While I do love going to shows to see the band, the thing that keeps me going to show after show is really the fans. They are always so welcoming, and fun, and just all around good people to be around. So thanks again.”


Now you know the story of Jason White a.k.a. The Wanderer! Thanks for reading about another fellow fan. You are all amazing people and I’m happy to be a part of this clique that’s more like a family! Until next time…go spread the love and positive vibes. 

Much love – The Runt

311 Fan Spotlight – 9/12/16 – Kacy Hattabaugh


Hey there 311 fans! Here we are again, a new week, which means a new fan spotlight. Time to meet the lovely Kacy Hattabaugh! 

Music has been a love for Kacy since she was a child. It was in elementary school that 311 emerged into her world. “I can remember hearing them on the radio and jamming out. I started asking for their CD’s for birthday/Christmas presents.” Kacy was born in 1990, so she really grew up as 311 did. “I love how their music has a combination of everything I want to hear in a band. They have a song for every mood you are in and they are a combination of so many types of music.”

Exact count of seeing 311 live is a guess for Kacy as she didn’t keep a close track on it. Her guess is somewhere between 35 and 45. “I never miss a show in Jacksonville, Orlando, or St. Augustine but I travel all over Florida to see them. I’ve been to two 311 Days in New Orleans (last show I was front row!), about to go on my fourth 311 cruise, the 311 Pow-Wow (in a wheel chair right after surgery).” While it’s hard for Kacy (like so many others) to pick a favorite event, she said if she was forced to choose it would be her first cruise in 2012. “Of course every cruise is an unbelievable experience that can’t be described in words but nothing can beat the very first time.”

Favorite song was a tough question for Kacy to answer because so many of 311’s songs have a special meaning to her and great lyrics. “Beyond the Gray Sky” is one that she listens to frequently because she knew quite a few people who have taken their own lives. “It’s always tragic. Even on days that you are feeling down the song is a great reminder that you are not only living this life for yourself but for everyone around you that loves you and will feel the pain as much as you do.” Favorite quote is easy as she has it tattooed on her forearm and tries to live by it every day – “Stay positive and love your life.”

Jacksonville, Florida is where Kacy was born and raised. She hasn’t really moved around all that much but did live in Tallahassee for a few years, then ended up back at home base. Funding for her life and 311 fun come from working in I.T. as a QA analyst at a top sports apparel company. “It’s a good career that is currently helping fund my 311 lifestyle. Working in I.T. was a good career choice because I can still work in a corporate world but still be myself. I travel around for concerts all the time and my desk is covered in band pictures. People even send me emails and chats all the time at 3:11 just to wish me “Happy 3:11!” because they understand my passion. My boss is actually from Omaha and knows not to expect any work to get done when 311 day or the cruise is coming. I always have paper chain countdowns around my desk or keep large countdowns around the whiteboards. And of course our cruise photo is my background. Needless to say, everyone in the company knows exactly who my favorite band is. I sit right by the main entrance so 311 is the first thing anyone sees when they enter the company.”


Want to read a cool fact about Kacy? She used to own an all white pet skunk! Talk about coming original! She also has a lot of ink on her. “I have two full sleeves, a chest piece, a huge peacock tattoo going from my ribs up to my back. a lip ring, and I change my hair color every month. I’m extremely colorful inside and out.” Kacy said she can’t think of any talent other than that she can make balloon animals, which I think totally counts. Guilty pleasure for her is that she knows pretty much all the words to classic Disney movies and still watches them all the time. When not listening to 311, she can be found jamming out to Passafire, Ballyhoo!, Pepper, Iration, Rebelution, Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds, The Expendables, The Green, Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, and Stick Figure. 

Kacy’s message to 311 is this: “Well the first time I met Nick I said “I love you!” and he said “I love you back.” But then I got so nervous I just ran away.  So the next time I meet them I promise not to run away next time!”

And to all the other positive vibe merchants out there:

“We need to stop all the negative vibes and keep living the 311 lifestyle! Go out there and live your life and just do what makes you happy! 311 UNITY!”


That’s the story of Kacy Hattabaugh! Yet another cool fan that you now know a bit more about! Thank you as always for reading and being a part of this positive and caring community of fans. Until we meet again, go be awesome and spread that good karma! 

Much love – The Runt

311 Fan Spotlight – 9/5/16 – Tracey Schick!


Welcome again 311 excitables! Happy Labor Day! Before you relax on the beach or grill out today, take a few moments to meet our next fan spotlight. Here’s the story of Tracey Schick! 

Credit for Tracey’s introduction to 311 goes to his friend John Zufall. He said it was the classic, hey have you ever heard of this band? He listened to Grassroots  and was hooked. “You gotta understand I was really a metal head by heart but a lover of all music. I had a big influence from Bob Marley at also a similar time so I guess 311 was the perfect storm for me. Jazzy drum beats, funky ass bass and a combo of heavy guitar to reggae to funky licks on guitar by Tim Mahoney. Then you have Nick Hexum with the slickest rhymes and SA with his dope lyrical masterpieces. It was like a match made just for me.”

Seeing them live started late for Tracey so he’s only seen them 6 times so far. “I’ve been to over 200 shows but never got to see 311 for the first time until I did a drywall patch for fellow 311 spotlight brodel Aaron Kirby. He traded me tickets to the 311 show at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois in 2014.” He also was fortunate enough to see the show at the Aragon Ballroom where they played the blue album in it’s entirety, plus the show the very next day in Milwaukee where they played Grassroots. “I also recently got to see 311 play in St.Louis at the Wayback Fest where they played a set of all songs 15 years or older. I’ve loved every show and everyone has great memories.” So far his favorite show was the Aragon Ballroom show. 

Favorite song for Tracey is “Hey You.” He said it’s really about the evolution of music for him, going from a young metal head to where he is now. “Music has always been that one thing that I could count on. It’s helped me through hard times and partied with me during the good ones. Its the one thing that also brings us all together.” Some of his favorite lyrics are, “Boy actin coy but you got nuts like Almond Joy, I tell ya,” and “I’m the perfect example of not giving a fuck about the catty rude people that just suck.”

Lafayette, Indiana is where Tracey was born and raised. He credits his dad as his musical influence growing up. “I remember listening to Otis Redding, Donna Summer, Bob Seager, Boston, The Who and the Eagles but there where many more. The first album I ever got was “Let there be Rock” by AC/DC. I just remember music always being on or my dad singing songs. I remember a lot of nights as a teenager falling asleep listening to my cassette player. Ive seen everything from speed metal to country to reggae to rap.” As a teenager he played tons of sports and continues to play golf, coach youth baseball and loves to bowl (he is on a bowling team). 

Drywall work is what Tracey has been doing for the past 23 years. He has an amazing wife Joanie and six kids that he loves. He said being from that part of Indiana, you don’t find a lot of 311 fans. It wasn’t until he met Aaron that he really dived into the world of 311. “Before I loved them for their music then I learned about the 311 community since then things haven’t been the same. 311 has the best fans in the whole world. Now I have a Clique but its more like a family. I have traveled to the coolest city’s and met the best people from this excitable crew. My wife and I are booked on our first 311 cruise coming up to Cozumel and I cant say I’ve ever been more excited. It’s a dream come true to be on a boat with 3000 other 311 fans just like me, living in the moment. I’ll probably be crying my eyes out in the moment when the boat is leaving and 311 is taking the stage.” Tracey said that his love for 311 has now stemmed to his family too and they support his trips and passion for them and the concerts he likes to attend.  “I also just want to say that I appreciate the fact that the guys in 311 are also dads and husbands and great role models for living and leading a positive lifestyle. We must lead and teach our future.”

Cool fact about Tracey is that he finished as an Honor Graduate when he graduated from Advanced Individual Training in the Army. “There were 4 picked of 300 so I’m very proud of that accomplishment.” Another interesting tidbit of info is that he has bowled a perfect 300 game and made a hole in one in golf! He also has a 311 tattoo and had it way before he ever saw them live. 

Other musicians Tracey loves are Bob Marley, Sublime, Dirty Heads, Pepper, Rebelution, RDGLDGRN, Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Machine Head, Blood Hound Gang, Beastie Boys, House of Pain and Cypress Hill. Guilty pleasures stem from music too, he loves going to concerts and says that sometimes the anticipation of an upcoming show makes him feel like a teenager again. “I think I’ll feel that way always. Been going to shows since I was probably 15.” His second guilty pleasure is cruising. He and Joanie have been on 4 so far. “I love it because its the best way to see the world. I wanna visit the world with my time on this world…….my favorite island is Grand Turk and my favorite beach is Coki beach in St. Thomas. I cant believe I will have the best of both worlds when we go to Cozumel with my favorite bands.”

To 311, his message is this: “Thanks for 26 years of incredible music that inspires and unifies people.”

Now to all the other amazing fans out there:

“Stay positive and love your life, walk it like you talk it. Be the difference in this world. We can change the world. One love excitable crew. See you all in Tampa on March 2nd.”


And that’s the story of Tracey Schick! Thank you all for reading this week and every week. It was a pleasure to share Tracey’s story with you all. Now go on and enjoy your Labor Day! And don’t forget to keep spreading that positive vibe to everyone! 

Much Love – The Runt