Life update: back to work & back to school!

I’m sorry. I’ve been neglecting you. It wasn’t intentional. Life has just gotten pretty hectic in the past couple of weeks. But I’m back! Here for your entertainment or the cure to your boredom. What has kept me so rudely absent? Here goes…

First off, I was accepted to the masters program for Mass Media & Journalism at Clarion University in Pennsylvania. The whole program is online and I am attending full time, which is 3 classes. I’m really very excited to be doing this. I love to learn and have truly missed going to school since I graduated back in 2005! So its taking me a bit to adjust but I’m loving it. First week in and I feel good.

Second, I’m going back to work. Full time. At the company that I was laid off from back in February, prompting me to start this little blog. So unfortunately for those who were my cohorts in the land of unemployment, I will no longer be posting about being unemployed.  I got the call the other day that a girl wasn’t working out and they wanted me back. I already knew the job and the people, plus its going back to the same hours, pay, etc… You can’t go wrong with that. In this day & age when you have this kind of opportunity you have to take it.

Will I be giving up blogging? I think not. I really love this little world of mine on the web. Is anyone reading it? Who knows. In my mind there are a ton of you and you cling to every word I say. So lets just go with that.

It may take some time for me to learn to balance work, school, my love for food and the blog but have no fear! We will continue on. There will be more food reviews because, lets face it, a girls gotta eat! Till next time my cyber friends, I bid you adieu.