311 Fan Spotlight – 4/24/17 – Caitlin Nash!

Another week is here and I welcome you all back excitable 311 nation! Are you ready for the next fan spotlight? I am! Let’s meet my local friend, Caitlin Nash!

The year was 1997 and Caitlin’s boyfriend at the time asked if she wanted to go to a concert. She said sure why not and that show just so happened to be 311 with De La Soul opening back on August 23, 1997 in Connecticut. She’s been hooked ever since. “Although the relationship didn’t pan out, the love of 311 music did and we still keep in touch. Ironically it will be exactly 20 years this summer that I started my love affair with 311 and coincidentally my last show of this summer tour will be in CT…It is the circle of life.”

Show count for Caitlin is around 85. She said she tries not to think of all the money she has spent on 311 shows over the years, and there are some years she goes to a bunch of shows and others where so only gets to see one. “I try to plan it out and coordinate logistics with other friends. Other times I just a buy a ticket and go. It also kind of depends on the location. I have had to adult and not go to shows before. Not my favorite thing to do but sometimes it has to happen. I will be honest, I have racked up so CC debt at times to support it but it is always so worth it. When I make memories with friends new and old I have no regrets on my spending.”

Every summer when Caitlin goes to see 311, she has a group of friends that she has had since college and her very first job that she meets up with at a show. “We do road trips and fly around to see them. It is always a blessing to find people you connect with and share so many memories with the. I think it has been about 13+ years with the same people going to shows. Although life happens we always find ourselves rooted in 311.”

Favorite show so far for Caitlin is 311 Day 2008, with the band returning to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. “I road tripped from MA to NOLA with my friend Greg and we met our friend Todd there, we all met up with lots of people excited to be back in NOLA and celebrate. It was also the year I had one responsibility and it was to bring the tickets to the show. Before we left the hotel, they asked if I had the tickets and I said I had them. When we got there I did a ticket check and…YES…I FORGOT THE TICKETS TO 311 DAY 2008. Biggest concert fail I have ever had. Luckily, I left them in the hotel right where I put them to remember to bring them with me.  We were fortunate to have Todd with us who was a Rockstar and made it to and from the hotel in record time! Let’s just say the running joke is for me to remember to bring the tickets…even if they are not going to the same show as me LOL .” The first 311 cruise is another memorable event for Caitlin since it was a whole new way to experience her favorite band. “And who doesn’t like to be contained on a boat at sea with likeminded people? It was amazing and took my 311 love affair to a new level. Cruise 1 was also when met Chrissy Martin…although it would take about 4 years later to reconnect again. Along with a few other friends I have met over the years we did make cruises 4 & 5. This is now a staple for me like 311 Day is…assuming my wallet allows it to be.”

Favorite song to rock out to for Caitlin is “Creatures (for a while)” and it is her ringtone for most of her 311 friends. The song that speaks to her most though is “Crack the Code.” “All songs have different meanings to everyone and to me this song helped me get through some crazy medical stuff. It helped inspire me to keep trying to figure out what was wrong and not give up trying. It took 9 months to crack the code and I have been in remission for 9 years. When I hear this song it reminds me to not give up and makes me feel invincible!” As far as specific lyrics, there are too many that speak to Caitlin in various ways to narrow it down.

Born and raised in Wilton, Connecticut, Caitlin was raised in a family that included her mom, dad, and older brother. She spends most of her family time now at their house in Maine and she credits her appreciation of music to her brother. “He can always enlighten my ears with new music or classics I may not have been familiar with.” Her family razzes her for all of the 311 shows she attends, but it’s all in good fun. “I always laugh when I tell my mom and dad I am going to see a show because they instantly ask me “Is it that 3-1-1 band you like?” I won’t even correct them because it is just so great to know that they know me so well.”

Caitlin went to Merrimack College in Massachusetts for her undergraduate and graduate degree (although there was a 13 year gap in between the two). She liked it in MA so much that she decided to settle down just outside of Boston. Since college she has worked in retail and mostly office jobs. She’s been managing service and support teams and has been with her current job for two years. “I love It because I get to travel back and forth to LA. as half of my team is based in MA and half in CA. This allows me to work some fun into my trips whenever possible. It also helps fix my travel bug as I can’t afford to travel overseas. However, when I can, I will go back to Iceland and see the Northern Lights under a glass igloo.”

During college Caitlin was able to work abroad in Sydney, Australia, and Dublin, Ireland. She was actually in Australia when 9/11 happened and was on one of the first international flights back to the U.S. While in Ireland, she ended up living in a hostel for a little over four months and worked at a pub. “Hostel living at that time was sooo much fun and meeting so many people every night was my highlight. I still talk to most of the people I met while traveling. That had influences on me to always put myself out there and try new things…except skydiving….my feet belong on the ground.”

Something you may not know about Caitlin, she loves to play 3-D Dodgeball. “I was on a team at an old job and now play just play whenever I can. I wish I had more people close by so we can form a team and join a league. I like working out and not thinking I am actually working out. It is a great substitute for a gym membership in my eyes. Besides, who doesn’t like being a kid and then add a trampoline in…it’s so fun!”

When asked what makes her unique, she say it’s a hard question to answer, but she’s really good at drinking beer and enjoys it! “I am an IPA girl but try to try other beers I may not always like or think I won’t like.” She also made a resolution for 2017  to see 1 show a month and try 1 new beer a month. “I am having a very successful year thus far.” Guilty pleasure for Caitlin? “Oh this is easy…NKOTB and anything reality TV…no need for me to elaborate LOL.”

As far as other music, Caitlin grew up influenced by all types such as Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, and various classic rock. “Mix that in with the everyday music playing at any given time with a lot of 80s and 90s music, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and boy bands. I am very open to all genres of music although I gravitate to some genres over others.” She enjoys the jams of Widespread Panic and My Morning Jacket, as well as orchestral modern music like the Vitamin String Quartet, Lindsey Stirling and Apocalyptica. She also said over the years 311 has brought new music into her life via the cruises and tours that have become new inspirations to her. “ There have been so many over the years that I have enjoyed and come to follow. I have really opened my eyes to other bands that I may not have known about without 311 or even the 311 fans.”

Caitlin said that throughout her travels she has met many wonderful people and has been able to grow her concert buddy list tremendously. “Through 311 I have already check some venues off my music venue bucket list. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. As my good friend, Lisa says we are “Making Memories.”

To 311, Caitlin’s message is this: “As common as it can be to say, I would say thank you. Thank you for being you and doing what you all do. Hopefully followed by hugs and letting the conversation flow from there…maybe about beer, music, future collaborations etc. However, I can get all fan girl when I meet them and not even say one word because I am in such awe of being in their presence.”

Now her message to all the other fans out there:

“I ask everyone to spread P.L.U.R. and happiness. You never know when you can make ad difference in someone’s day or life by something as small as a smile or high-five.  I have not been to a 311-related event, gathering or show in which I never felt these feelings. I have travelled to show by myself and felt welcomed and loved. It is so rare to find this type of community and family.  Thank you all for being a part of it!”


And that is the story of Caitlin Nash! I hope you all enjoyed meeting her or learning more about her. Thank you to all who keep reading every week! You all make this happen and I’m so proud to be a part of this. Now go out and conquer the world with the PLUR.

Much Love – The Runt

311 Fan Spotlight – 4/18/17 – Adam Frankel!

Hello again excitable nation! What time is it? Well it’s new fan spotlight time! This week we learn about Adam Frankel!

Sixteen years of age is when Adam first learned of 311. At that time he would play online MUD’s (games where you go north, south, east and west to solve quests and kill monsters). It was a game called Hysteria where some big 311 fans introduced Adam to the music. “This was in the days of Napster and downloading mp3s – so the first song I downloaded and heard was Paradise.  Very few people had heard of them in the UK – and my taste in music is really diverse so I was drawn to the different styles that 311 have!”

Show count is at number 21 for Adam. His first show was at age 17 and it was when 311 headlined a show in London in November of 2001. “It was the first proper gig I ever went to and it totally blew my mind.  It was in a small club venue (which no longer exists) called Mean Fiddler and I remember hearing Beautiful Disaster and I remember getting knocked down and being picked right back up by a stranger in the pit.  Frustratingly the set list doesn’t exist for that show… so I have no idea what else they played!” Aside from this show, Adam says his other favorite event was 311 Day 2010. “It had been my dream to come to a 311 day, and at the time I was a high school Math teacher.  In England it is very hard as a teacher to get time off during term time – so I had to threaten to quit my job in order for them to give me a week unpaid leave.

See this article http://www.mtv.com/news/1633698/311-fans-get-hyped-for-311-day-fan-party-in-las-vegas/

As a note, I had been drinking and saw the MTV camera and told my friends – I am going to do an interview… they didn’t even get my name, but it got a story on mtv.com!

The drawback is that a mixture of jet lag and excitement meant that by the time the show came I was so exhausted from a lack of sleep that I had to go find a seat in the arena.  This ended up being cool as I found myself sitting with Nick’s friends and family – his wife asked me to take a photo of her with her friends!”

There are quite a few songs that are close to his heart, “Sick Tight” is one of them because of this lyric: “I bet we get the people jumping overseas, and I know why they’re busting MP3’s.” Adam said this line literally describes him. “Ironically enough, when From Chaos came out and I bought the import CD – I used to skip Sick Tight every time as I was not a fan… now it is my favorite song on that album!” Adam also said he might get some hassle for this, but one of his other favorites is “Love Song.” “Yes, I know it isn’t even their song and yes, I know it’s not a popular choice – but I would be happy to hear it every time I saw 311.  Back in 2007 I came over for a vacation and tied in my 2nd and 3rd ever 311 shows (in San Fran and Vegas) and when they started playing Love Song I was ecstatic … until Matisyahu came out and spoiled it for me!! No disrespect meant towards Matisyahu – but I had come a long way and was hearing my favorite song live for the first time, so I wanted to hear the whole song!!

There is just one song left on my checklist of songs I most want to hear live which is How Do You Feel.”

As far as favorite lyrics, Adam said he loves “Stay positive and love your life” because he is a teacher and he’s taught his kids to say it. He said when he says it to his kids, it reminds him to live by it himself too.

Adam grew up in Essex, England, which is just outside of London. He moved from there to Minnesota back in 2013, and then most recently to Frisco, Texas in 2015. He runs a small company that sells supplies and parts for big Heidelberg printing presses. “It’s not as exciting as being a teacher, but it pays the bills and is less stressful!” Adam says he pretty much is THE English 311 fan. “I ran the UK 311 MySpace page back in the day and used to long for 311 to announce a UK festival date or European tour (which they never did).”

Aside from loving 311, Adam has a diverse taste in music. Other top artists for him are Muse, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and Bastille. He also said thanks to 311 he has become a big fan of Rebelution and Ballyhoo!

Since Adam is from England, he is of course a huge football fan (as in soccer in case you couldn’t guess that). “West Ham United are my team and I play most weeks with some friends here in Frisco – at 32 my best years are behind me.  FC Dallas play 10 minutes from my house so I watch some MLS too as well as playing FIFA on my PlayStation.” When not watching football, Adam is also very involved in his local church.

Adam’s message to 311 is one of thanks: “Thank you for sticking together through good and bad and continuing to play shows and make new music!”

Now to all the other fans:

“Thank you!  It was that fan that picked me up at my first 311 show that really showed me what 311 fans are all about.  You guys are so generous, making things to hand out at shows and being so kind.  I remember when I got to my first 311 day I had been offered a beer before I had even checked into my room!!  I have made many friends over the years through 311 – so if you see me at a show come and say hello!  I apologize in advance if I don’t remember everyone’s name, in my defense there’s only one British guy so I am easier to remember!”


Now you have all met Adam, the British 311 fan! Thanks for sharing your story Adam and being a part of this amazing fan community. I hope you all enjoyed it, thanks for reading every week! Until next time, keep being awesome!

Much Love – The Runt

311 Fan Spotlight – 4/10/17 – JP Chilicki!

Another week and that means another fan spotlight! Welcome back everyone. It’s time to meet JP Chilicki!

It was a very young age, around 9 or so, when JP discovered 311. Growing up with an older brother, JP always wanted to be around him and his friends. It was during one of these times that his brother and friend happened to be playing the 311 blue album. “I had no idea what I was listening too but I was BLOWN AWAY. I didn’t ask any questions I just sat in my spot and listened. Again this was around 1996 id say, and only being in the third grade all I had really ever heard before was like Will smith and Brittany Spears and Nsync and boy bands like that. So this was pretty much my first time listening to rock and roll. Ever since that night in our basement I was hooked!” After that JP would listen to the album repeatedly, for pretty much two years straight. He said the other kids just didn’t get it, they looked at him like he shouldn’t be listening to it. “I don’t think as a third grader you are really prepared for something like that, but I was hooked!” He said it was the intensity of the album and the adrenaline it gave him that really drew him into their music. “I just couldn’t stop moving to the music, it was just so heavy to me! I just couldn’t get enough!”

It was around 1996 that JP first heard them, and he’s been attending live shows for over 17 years, more than half of his life. He tries to keep a collection of his ticket stubs and makes a point to always get a hard copy of his tickets instead of the e-ticket. Exact show count he is unsure of, but believes he is around 80 to 90. First show he ever went to was June 14, 2000 at The Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, Connecticut. “Probably the best day of my life of the short life I had lived at that time. I was 12 years old.”  Favorite event or show so far was hard to choose, so he named off three: Sail away show on cruise number one, his first show in 2000, or the Transistor set at Powwow. “Each amazing in its own way.”

For one song that means the most, JP can’t say there is one in particular. He has his favorite songs and top ten list, as well as ones that hit him on an emotional level but can’t narrow it to one song that means the most. “I know that “Use of Time” when played live brings me to a different place mentally, and “Hive” brings me to a different place physically. Lol. It’s hard to explain.” Favorite lyrics, he went with the popular one, “Stay positive and love your life” as well as “The fish that keep on swimming are the first to chill upstream.”  “I got a koi fish tattooed years ago not for this quote but for the Japanese meaning and just felt that it went along well with the 311 quote I had loved for so long. Every song and its lyrics hits me in a different way on a different day constantly. It’s a constant reminder to stay positive and not give up and just keep trekking.”

Jonathan P. Chilicki (JP for short obviously) was born in Hartford, Connecticut, raised in South Windsor, and has been in C.T. his whole life. Grew up in the Hartford suburb, raised by amazing parents, Carmen-Rosa Delgado and Jozef P Chilicki. His mother grew up in Peru and his dad in Poland. “Both overseas and built their own future to better themselves as well as their families. As a result my brother and I are first generation Americans and are proud to be so and carry on the Chilicki name.”

To fund his 311 addiction, JP works three different jobs. He’s worked at a dry cleaner for more than 9 years. He works security at The Webster Theater in Hartford and also at the Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts and has done so for the last 6 years. Third job is door/bouncer at a moonshine bar in Ellington, C.T. called The Hidden Still. “All jobs fun to me in a very different way and all to fund my 311 addiction. With 5 more stops on this summer’s Unity Tour I’m going to need as much income as I can get. I try to get on a plane at least twice a year to travel the world and see my favorite people, friends and family, and see my favorite band in the entire world. Nothing compares to it, I’ve literally planned every single vacation I’ve ever had since 2008 with a main focus on seeing 311. Every trip I’ve been on since then was to see 1 or multiple 311 shows. I find the back to back nights are key nowadays to catch 2 shows on a row and check out a new city. I love it!”

Interesting fact about JP: He is a black belt in Kempo Karate. “I got it at a young age. I trained hard in karate from age 7 to about 13 id say. Earning my way up through the ranks and eventually earning my adult black belt, First Degree. It was an important day in my life I would say. I will definitely never forget it. I worked extremely hard to achieve it. The test took about 8 hours to complete, it was an all day thing.” This isn’t his only talent. He loves playing sports and is a huge sport junkie. He’s played soccer, baseball, basketball and football. He even played cricket for a couple of summers! JP also likes to play bass guitar. “I originally started back in high school and mostly covered my favorite 311 songs. PNUT was my inspiration 100%. Then I would branch out a little and play some incubus (Dirk Lance), rage against the machine (Tim Commerford), Red hot chili peppers (Flea), and much more. As those were all my favorite bass players. Well so was Les Claypool of Primus but those bass lines were a little to advance for me at the time.” As if this wasn’t enough, he’s also really good at math. “I can do crazy math in my head.”

Guilty pleasure for JP is that he “kinda likes the EDM (Electronic dance music) crap lol.” He said it’s definitely a different scene but the shows are fun to work. He also said since he’s been getting to work all these shows he’s gotten into the local hardcore scene. “I’ve gotten to know a lot of kids in the bands, and just in the scene in general, and they all know me. It’s a fun DIY movement and cool to see the up and coming bands start to get there name out there and get booked to bigger shows or even book a solid tour. It’s cool being behind the scenes in the music business.”

JP’s message to 311 is what he always ends up telling them when he see’s them in person: “THANK YOU! Thank you for being in my life, thank you for changing my life and many positive ways and just thank you for being the band and the people you are. You have changed so many people’s lives for the better the people I have met in the 311 community are some people that I now call my best friends. It is so crazy how this band has brought so many people together to celebrate positivity. THANK YOU SO MUCH 311!”

His personal message to all the other fans:

“I don’t think that I can say it much better than “stay positive and love your life” It is words I live by every day. Keep moving forward, always try to better yourself, never stop learning, be kind to others, be courteous, try and lend a helping hand when in need. Here’s a good quote. “It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” ~Seneca.”


Thank you JP for sharing your amazing tale of how you found 311! I hope everyone enjoyed his story and thank you as always for reading about your fellow fans in the 311 community. You are all rock stars in my eyes! See you next week!

Much Love – The Runt