311 Fan Spotlight – Madison Adeline Tenaglia – 2/29/16


Hey there excitable friends! Happy Leap Year! Time to meet yet another cool 311 fan. Here is the story of Madison Adeline Tenaglia!

Madison states she didn’t become a real genuine fan until meeting the Familia on the cruise in 2012. She always loved the song “Amber”  but didn’t fully embrace the whole experience of 311 until the cruise. “I formed an instant emotional attachment to 311 when I experienced their music lift the collective vibe of the beach that fateful day in the Bahamas. The love exchanged amongst the familia and non-familia on the beach that afternoon sealed the deal.”

Twelve shows total is how many times she’s seen them live currently. Of those the shows from the cruises in 2012 and 2015 stand as her favorites. Song that means the most to her is “Eons.” Two of her favorite quotes are “My name is volatile, I’ve been this way a long while,” and “Your body is a country that you know I’ll return to, craving like a family heirloom that I’m into.”


Detroit, Michigan is where Madison was born. There she grew up with four brothers who she says she got into a lot of mischief with! She spent a few years building park structures at the Detroit Metro Airport. “Yes, construction, as in concrete…as in labor. ME! Pouring concrete and welding steel.”  After that she went away to a university in Denver, Colorado to study international business. She also lived in Sweden for awhile, studying the European Union, then jetted off to Spain where she studied International Relations.

A couple of years after her time in Europe was when she had her first 311 experience on the cruise, which was right before she moved to London to work in a Swiss investment bank. She traveled from London to Miami for the cruise in 2013. “I remember that my flight back to London arrived at 7:30 AM and I had to go straight back to work with the worst depression and head ache in the world. AT that point, I promised to never go back to work the day after a 311 event.” Madison remained an investment banker until the middle of 2015 when she suddenly quit her job and followed her heart all the way to southern California. She traveled for a few months last summer and then settled in Orange County in the fall. “I’m now a Metaphysics Researcher, hoping to write a book and begin hosting retreats for Metaphysical and Astrological experiences.”

Madison said if she could go back in time and marry any person, it would be Albert Einstein. “Because I’m in love with him.” When she was younger, around the age of 15, she wanted to be a gangster rapper. “I wrote freestyles, wore Ecko Unit track suits, and had baby dreadlocks.”

Something that makes her unique is her style of dance and passion for flow (hula hooping). “I got into dance because when I was younger, I felt energy moving in my body. It started with feeling energy that came alive in my body when I would hear a good song…. Its transcendental, to be one with the harmony of musical vibrations.” Guilty pleasures are as follows: Smoking weed, writing in my diary, and charting the stars in the sky. “I’d love for this to turn into a Spoken Word Poetry talent.” Some other music Madison loves include Radiohead, Atmosphere, Nirvana, Thievery Corporation, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What Madison would like to say to 311 comes in the form of a question – “If you could work with your 311 fans to accomplish anything in the world, what would it be?” (This is a great question if any of the guys are reading – inquiring minds want to know!)

Now to all the fans, her message is this:

“We must have gratitude for this opportunity to participate in a community that has been contrived to promote, Peace, Unity, Love and connection through music. We must always remember to ask ourselves, what can we do to BE the change that we want to see in the world (or the familia.)”


Now you have all met Madison my friends! Thanks to her for being a part of this project and to all of you for supporting and reading. Keep on promoting that peace, love, and unity like Madison mentions. “Take on the love and the good karma.”

Until next time!

Much love – The Runt

311 Fan Spotlight – Kaeley Trinidad – 2/22/16



Hey, hi, and hello my excitable friends! Welcome back, it’s time for the new fan spotlight. This week lets meet Kaeley Trinidad!

Five years old was the age Kaeley was when she first heard 311 and she credits her dad as the reason she first listened to them. “He bought their Transistor album and we’d always listen to it in the car. Then when I was 6 or 7 I started listening to them on my own and of course I was obsessed with Beautiful Disaster and What Was I Thinking, and had those playing on repeat.” While she doesn’t remember what exactly drew her to them, she said it was probably just that they make really awesome music.

Number of shows stands at 21, although it should be 22. Kaeley was supposed to see them in Fresno in 2015 but had to turn around and drive home because of the mudslide. “Not gonna lie, I cried the majority of that 3 hour drive home.” Favorite event was last years cruise to Jamaica. “It was my first cruise and first 311 cruise and it was an absolute blast! I definitely had a hard time coming back from that vacation.” Favorite show specifically though for Kaeley goes to when she saw them at The Roxy in 2014. “That was my first time at that venue actually and so I had no clue what to expect. When that curtain rose and I was less than a foot away from the band and right up against the stage, my jaw dropped and no joke, I could not pick it up off the floor the rest of the night. I was completely blown away. It was awesome being that close and it was an awesome show overall. I even got to help P-NUT get his Tesla out of that crazy tight parking lot after the show!”

There are many songs that Kaeley loves, so picking one that means the most was difficult for her to answer. “I turn to their music for all kinds of things but there’s just not one song in particular that I turn to all the time.” She did say Transistor album holds a special place in her heart since it always reminds her of those car rides with her dad, rocking out to the music. She also have lots of favorite lyrics, but the one currently on her white board at work is, “Got more funky styles than my laser jet got font!” (She’s a graphic designer, so the quote works quite well in her field.)

California girl to her core, Kaeley was born and raised in Southern California, then moved to Michigan as a teen where she spent her days dreaming of ways to get back to the west coast. Her sign is Gemini and while she isn’t super into Astrology, she says that her sign does explain a lot about her personality, like she’s full of opposites. “I’m a girly girl and a tomboy, I like going out and staying in, I’m creative and analytical, I’m extremely anal and organized, but also a procrastinator and will have things in an organized mess.” Kaeley is also really driven, working full time and attending school for graphic design at Cal Poly Pomona. “My life is pretty crazy Monday through Friday but that’s how I fund my 311 habit. And no matter what my schedule is I ALWAYS make time for 311!”

Interesting fact: Kaeley has a lot of neatly kept expensive makeup. While she doesn’t wear makeup often, she goes all out when she does! Something to be jealous of if you’re a drinker: Kaeley doesn’t get hangovers! “People try to tell me it’s just because I’ve never had enough to drink or whatever but I’ve proved them all wrong. It’s like I have a second liver or something. I always just say it’s because I’m Irish and Mexican, so I was genetically engineered for drinking lol.” Guilty pleasure: “I hate reality TV but I am seriously addicted to the shows Extreme Couponing and Extreme Cheapskate.”

Kaeley’s message to 311: “I would simply say Thank You. Their music has gotten me through all kinds of stuff, brought me together with so many awesome people, and given me so many amazing memories.”

Now her message to all the awesome excitables out in 311 nation:

“To those of you I’ve met: I miss you all and can’t wait to see you all again! To those of you I haven’t met: I sincerely cannot wait to meet you! I’m super stoked and can’t wait to party with my Excitable Crew in NOLA for my first 311 Day!!”


Now you know all about Kaeley! Thanks for reading about another fantastic fellow fan. As we rapidly approach our favorite day of the year, remember that whether you are in Nola or somewhere else this year, we have been given a gift from this amazing band and their positive messages, and you are all spectacular people that can carry their messages out to others you know! Until we meet again – “Stay positive and love your life!”

Much love – The Runt

311 Fan Spotlight – Joe Genovese – 2/8/16


Hi friends in 311 nation! Welcome back for the newest fan spotlight. So without further delay, I introduce you to Joe Genovese!

Summer of 1995, Joe’s best friend told him about 311 and they decided to go out and buy Music and Grassroots. “Ever since I heard the opening riff of Homebrew I was instantly hooked. That was quite possibly the first CD I ever wore out until it started skipping.”  Joe said it’s the perfect mix of heaviness, melody and interesting lyrics that really attracted him to their music.

Exact number of shows is questionable but Joe believes he’s around the 25 mark. Favorite show/event was the cruise to Jamaica last year. Song that means the most to him is “Two Drops in the Ocean” because of his girlfriend Monique. “I call my amazing girlfriend Monique ‘My Drop’ now and that song always makes me think of her.” A lyric that stands out to him is from “Freak Out” – “Scenes from the lost world, scenes hard to tell which is which as if drawn by a child.” One reason he likes it so much is because for a long time he didn’t know what SA was saying. “Once I found out I thought it was brilliant the way he seemed to put his whole soul behind just that one lyric amongst countless others.”

Joe was born in and grew up in Metairie, Louisiana, which is about five minutes outside New Orleans. “It might sound cheesy and cliche but it definitely feels like destiny that the place I grew up in just so happened to strike a nerve with the band and eventually became their favorite place to play, and the birthplace of 311 Day.”

A singer is something Joe really always wanted to become, but it just never seemed to pan out for him unfortunately. However people have told him he is a gifted writer and that the stories he writes draw them in and leave them wanting more. As far as guilty pleasures go, Joe has a really cool one. “Classic black and white movies from the 40’s, 50’s always seem to suck me in.”

Bands and artists besides 311 that Joe appreciates are Operation Ivy, The Clash, Dead Kennedys, The Misfits, Rancid, Sublime, No Doubt, The Ramones, Suicide Machines, Phunk Junkeez, and Papafish. “I am really into old school punk, ska, and reggae.”

Joe has this message for the guys of 311:

“Thank for you for this incredible 25 year journey and eventually leading me to meet my amazing beautiful girlfriend Monique! Can’t wait to see you guys on the next cruise and of course, next month!”

To all the fans in 311 nation, Joe says, “Get ready for 311’s version of Mardi Gras in March Excitable Ones!”


And that was the tale of Joe Genovese! Thank you all as always for reading another spotlight and learning more about a fellow excitable. You are all amazing people! Until we meet again…keep rocking that positivity and spread the love!

Much love – The Runt

311 Fan Spotlight – Scott Fairbanks – 2/1/2016


Hello again excitable friends! Here we are, another week which means the next fan spotlight. It’s time to meet Scott Fairbanks!

Middle school was the era that Scott was introduced to 311, which happened when the blue album was gaining popularity. “That was one of the first CD’s I ever bought with money I actually earned.”  One of Scott’s best friends was the influence for him liking the band. His friend would have them playing on the stereo over the years that they hung out. “I have always been a music lover, player, and admirer, so I appreciated their music right away.  When I really became a big fan was once I started going to shows with my friends and meeting all the other excitables at the different venues; some of the best people I’ve ever met.”

Over 25 shows is the estimate that Scott gave for how many times he’s seen 311 live, and those included cruises 1, 3, and 4. He also attended the couple of Vegas 311 Day events, and New Orleans in 2014. He’ll be at this year’s celebration as well! Favorite event though is hands down Pow Wow. He and his New Englander friends drove an RV from Boston to Florida for the festival. “Not only was it a great road trip with some good friends, I ended up meeting a girl there; that girl is now my wife.  She’s still in my phone as Gayle Pow Wow, because we were living in different states at the time.  I will never forget riding in that RV all the way back to Boston while texting back and forth with this new 311 slinky.  We hit it off, she visited a few times, and we went with the “You never win if you don’t go all in” attitude and she moved to Boston to live with me and try it.  Since then, we had a Key West Beach wedding with some 311 string quartet music playing while she walked down the aisle.” What a great story!!


Scott’s two favorite songs are “Sun Come Through” and “Golden Sunlight,” but he can’t choose which one he likes more. “The strong lyrics and musical ability shine in both of these songs to me.”  Favorite lyric comes from “Too Much Too Fast” – “You never win if you don’t go all in.”  It reminds him that you need to really commit to something in order to get what you want. “I love all of the positive messages that 311 brings.”

Scott is a native New Englander, growing up in the coastal town of Marshfield, Massachusetts. He graduated high school in 2000. Every summer he would see 311 live when they would play at the venue in Mansfield MA, he said it was THE event of the summer for him. “Then it turned into any New England show… then maybe Mohegan Sun… then Vegas… then let’s drive to Florida… maybe take some cruises.” Scott currently lives in Tampa, Florida, so now he see’s the shows in West Palm, Boca, and sometimes Nola. He funds his 311 addiction by working as a Business Intelligence Consultant. “So I’m usually able to put on my headphones and crank out some work listening to music.”

Something very cool that happened to Scott in the seventh grade is that he won a trip to Hawaii to see the Gatorade Ironman Triathlon. “My whole family got to go and we hung out with the racers before, during, and after the race.” Guilty pleasure for Scott comes in the form of a certain cartoon. “Sometimes, after the wife goes to bed, I watch old episodes of the Simpsons even though I kind of remember the jokes.”

Scott has always had a love for music, and believes his musical ability and appreciation for it set him apart. He played saxophone growing up and was in the concert, marching and jazz bands during high school. He has since then taught himself guitar and is trying to now learn the piano.  “Playing music with other people is one of the most fun, satisfying, stress releasing, soul refreshing activities on the planet.” Types of music he likes range from alt rock and blues, to jam style music. Other bands he’s been into lately include Rebelution, old Sublime, Kings of Leon, Black Keys, Nick Hexum Quintet, and Full Service.

Scott’s message to 311 is simple and perfectly worded: “Thanks for providing a musically delivered positive attitude that literally changed my life.”

Now to all you amazing people in 311 nation:

“See you in New Orleans! Looking forward to 311 Day high fives!”



There you have the story of Scott Fairbanks! An enjoyable one if I do say so myself. Thanks Scott for being a fan and thank the rest of you for reading his tale & meeting yet another amazing fellow excitable. Now go kick some positive energy out to the world!

Much love – The Runt