Slamming your thumb in the car door…

I highly recommend that you DO NOT do what is listed in the title of this post. My thumb is throbbing right now and typing without using your thumb, while possible, is quite uncomfortable.

How did I come about injuring my thumb? Simple. I was rushing and absentmindedly shut my thumb on my right hand into my car door as I arrived at work. Now to avoid completely horrifying you, I will not post photos. Thankfully I didn’t completely shut the door so that it latched and locked, but I did shut it hard enough that my right hand thumb has been out of commission for the day.

What happens when you show people what you just did to your thumb? Well there were a variety of reactions. Most began with the “Oww!” and “That looks horrendous!”  Then it was followed mostly by “Oh my, you are gonna have to drill a hole in that nail to let the blood out.”  Yes, a lovely pool of blood was collecting under my nail and making all sorts of shapes throughout the day. Sorry if you don’t like reading about blood, but again that is why I posted no photos.

Now most people know that when a child falls you shouldn’t panic and react because that is what sets fear into them most of the time and causes them to panic and cry.  This continues into adulthood people! As everyone overreacted to my thumb incident I began to panic more and more. For most of my work day I sat there staring at my thumb honestly expecting it to shrivel up and fall off unless I cut a big whole into my nail bed. Oh and did I mention everyone telling me I’m going to lose my nail completely? Yeah all of this helped so much.

Well guess what? That didn’t happen. Here’s what has happened: its sore, sensitive, and looks like crap.  If I put pressure on it…well I just am trying not to do that. However against my better judgement I made a little hole with a pin into my nail bed. It bled a little and the pressure feels slightly better but that big ugly blotch is still there.

Let me clarify here so no one gets all bent out of shape: I appreciate all of the input people gave me today. I just don’t think people scaring the crap out of me really helped the situation.  So really all I’m getting at is that if someone hurts themselves and you react to them – do it gently people! Most of us are just big kids who want people to calm us down when we get hurt.

So far my thumb nail is still here and I can still type, just slightly slower and more gently than I did before. Here’s hoping it heals with no problems and I don’t have to become left handed.

End rant. Goodnight world!

Surviving the corporate takeover.

As I said in my previous post, I apologize for neglecting you for the past three months. School full time and work full time will drain every ounce of spare moments you have as well as your energy to make your brain function. So here I am with a little over two weeks until the next semester starts so let me catch you up.

First of all, I finished my first semester towards my masters degree in journalism.  Although it was trying at times, I really enjoy being back in school! (As my niece would say, I’m not a geek I’m an intellectual badass.)  Now I don’t want to brag but I did get all A’s in my classes which means my grade point average is a 4.0.  Not bad for my first semester back in school after six years! My social life may have suffered but I kicked some academic butt.

Secondly, I went back to work full time as I said way back in September.  Since then we have been going through a buy out from the corporate office (we were an affiliate before).  It was nerve-racking because corporate couldn’t offer us jobs until we were no longer affiliate employees.  So on December 30 the sale happened, we went home from work, and waited all New Years weekend to find out our fate. Now we were all pretty sure that we would have jobs, but nothing seems guaranteed in this world anymore. So needless to say when we gathered for the corporate welcome meeting this past Tuesday at 7:30 A.M. we were all slightly edgy.

Guess what happened? We all still have jobs. Just like we’d thought but stressed about for quite awhile. The benefits are great, the pay is the same, and I’m personally going to be doing something entirely different than what my job function was before. I welcome the change with open arms! I’m just happy to have a job.  Plus it will be fun to learn some new duties of the office.

Is everyone happy? Of course not. No one ever is. There are the typical people there who were complaining before about everything and are still complaining now. Honestly they will probably be complaining until the day they drop dead. It truly amazes me how people play the victim in life and don’t take responsibility for their own actions. It’s your life people – if you aren’t happy do something to improve it!

I don’t know who said it, but I once heard that the only thing constant is change. It’s the truth. People hate change. They like routine. I like it too.  However I know that change is going to happen and all  you can do is accept the changes and adapt to them, or figure out a way to change your life around it to be happier. I’m trying to have a new attitude toward change. Change can be a good thing! It’s all how you choose to look at it.  So if you are encountering a change in your life, attack that b*tch! You can conquer anything!

Enough positive ranting for now. As always, thanks for reading!

Yama Zakura – Northborough, MA

I know – its been too long since I’ve posted anything and I’m sorry! School, work, and the holidays kicked my butt. I’m going to do my best to blog as much between now and the beginning of next semester, I promise! (If anyone at all even cares.)  Here’s a little restaurant review I’ve been meaning to post!

My husband and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on September 6, 2011.  Being that we both love food and drinks, it is quickly becoming our tradition that we go out somewhere really fantastic to eat in honor of our special day.  This year we chose to go out for sake and sushi and ended up at Yama Zakura.

Yama Zakura is located at 369 West Main Street in Northboro, in a little plaza that doesn’t look like much from the outside. Once you step in the restaurant though you wouldn’t even know you were in the suburbs.  The restaurant expanded not long ago, opening up the place and creating a whole new atmosphere.  The decor is modern yet cozy with the lighting keeping the place casual yet sophisticated. Honestly I felt like I was in an establishment in Boston, not Northborough.



















Now on to the reason we went to this establishment – sake and sushi!! Let me sum it up in this way – My husband said he will have difficulty going any other sushi place because all others pale in comparison to Yama Zakura.  We started with some edamame – a staple in any sushi outing if you ask me. Then for the main event we ordered four rolls – the rainbow, the Jennifer, the good life, and the volcano.  The Jennifer roll was one of the most delicious sushi rolls I’ve ever eaten!! Consisting of tempura sweet potato, avocado, cucumber, and topped with sweet potato, avocado, panko and Zakura sauce, this roll was an explosion of flavor that has yet to leave my mind or taste buds! The good life was a little roll of heaven with spicy tuna (I’m a raw tuna addict), and cucumber wrapped in more tuna and topped with panko, tobiko, and Zakura sauce. The rainbow and volcano, two common rolls my husband loves, were both fresh and delightful!











We both had sake and Sapporo to wash down the delicious fish but opted for no dessert because honestly we were both so full I don’t think we could’ve fit anything else in! The bill was high but for two things of sake a piece, two appetizers, and four rolls I wouldn’t expect any less. Plus for sushi this good I was willing to pay!! The waitstaff was on their game and while the restaurant noise carried it didn’t bother me or force me to scream to speak to my husband.

If you are a sushi lover and haven’t tried Yama Zakura in Northborough yet I strongly suggest you plan a night out. There’s a reason that Anna, the owner, has been voted best chef by the readers of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette the last two years! Run, don’t walk, to Yama Zakura. I wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction!