311 Fan Spotlight – 3/19/18 – Timothy Eytalis!

Hello again those out in 311 nation! New week has arrived and so has the new fan spotlight. Let’s meet Timothy Eytalis!

The time was the mid 90’s and Timothy was in college when a friend of his that he was in a band with had a copy of the blue album. They decided to cover “Down” and once Timothy checked out the rest of the album, he was hooked.

Show count, he wasn’t really sure until he asked his wife. “She said 34 shows so far.” First show was on the Transistor tour in Madison, Wisconsin and the Dane County Expo Center with Jimmy’s Chicken Shack as the opener. Forced to pick a favorite of the 34, he chose The Grassroots Festival in Omaha, Nebraska. Why? “Because my daughter, my wife and I finally got to meet Chad and his mom and had the opportunity to be backstage for the last part of the show. And I had him sign my 1997 copy of Modern Drummer with Chad on the cover. Great experience.” As for favorite song, he chose “Brodels.” “Just cause of the groove.” One of his favorite lyrics is the live version of, “Take a moment to smoke a joint once in a while.”

Timothy grew up in a small town in Midwest Illinois. He’s lived in central Illinois and also St. Louis, Missouri. For work, he’s a union guy that builds cabinets, which helps fund his 311 habit. Timothy has been playing drums for 31 years and gave it a really good shot early on in his life, but he said he’s happy where he is now  with his beautiful family.

A fact you might not know about Timothy? “I have big thumbs! LOL.” He also has a unique love for music. “I can jam with almost anyone.” Other artists he loves include RUSH (one of his guilty pleasures that he calls Geek Rock), Zappa, and Method Man/Red Man. He loves tons of Reggae/Dub/Rocksteady, lots of Jazz and old school Hip Hop Rap. A guilty pleasure for Timothy is the movie “The Princess Bride.” “Best movie ever made! Some would argue but I would disagree.”

Timothy said if he ever gets to do a meet and greet with 311, he would tell them this: “What’s up guys, dig the joints, let’s get this done, there are a lot of people behind us in line” LOL.”

His message to the other fans out there is simple:

“Stay positive and love your life. Sums it up!”


Now you’ve met Timothy Eytalis! Thanks for taking the time to read his tale. Now go be as awesome as I know you all can be!

Much Love – The Runt