311 Fan Spotlight – 2/26/18 – Don Sablosky!

Oh hey there friends in 311 nation! Thanks for coming back for the next edition of the 311 fan spotlight. This week let me introduce you to Don Sablosky!

The year was 1995 when Don first heard 311 on the radio, the songs being “Down,” and “All Mixed Up” of course. However it really wasn’t until the year 2000, when he heard the song, “I’ll Be Here A While” that he was truly drawn to their sound. “I ran out and bought From Chaos immediately. As they say, the rest is history.”

Show count is around 32 or 33. First show was  in 2003, at Eastern Michigan University. “I had to have a friend buy the tickets cause they were only on sale for college students and people who lived off campus.” The second cruise is Don’s favorite event so far, with Pow Wow coming in a close second. “Seeing them on the beach was always a dream I had. I’ll never forget the feeling I got as they opened with Outside, and of course, who can forget the Amber splash pit.”

Song that means the most to Don is a difficult question to answer, as it is for many fans. Right now his current favorite is “Made in the Shade.” “I love how it’s overcoming your challenges and accomplishing your goals, so then you’ve got it made in the shade.” Some of his favorite lyrics are, “The same force that flows through every circuit, the juice that’s spent every time you work it, every life form is based on this simplicity, the soul that you have is electricity. You can’t avoid that. Evolution is fact,We’re all from the same Lucy, Despite differences you see,” and “Ode to an alien, I know you’re out there, cosmic lonely heart, tell me if you care. I’m listening to your sound, here on the ground.”

Don grew up in a city about 10 miles south of Detroit called Lincoln Park. He’s lived his whole life in “down river” Michigan, except for a year when he lived in Texas with a friend. Currently he works for Amazon to fund anything he can afford regarding 311.

Something you may not know about Don, he said people can think he has a dark or “too soon” sense of humor. Other musicians he likes are The Deftones, August Burns Red, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The only music he really doesn’t listen to is country or modern hip-hop. Guilty pleasure for him is the band Kings of Leon. “Just something about their sound appeals to me.”

Don has been lucky to have met P-Nut and S.A. and both times he’s made sure to thank them for everything. So keeping in true form, that’s his message to the band now. “Thank you so much for everything you do. Thank you for being one of the harder working bands out there today. I don’t know what I would do without 311.”

Don’s message to all the other fans:

“Keep livin’ and rockin’. Love yourself and someone else. Be excellent to each other!”


Thank you Don for telling your story of what 311 means to you! Much gratitude goes out to everyone who reads each week. Until we meet again….keep being awesome!

Much love – The Runt