311 Fan Spotlight – 12/18/17 – Lisa Parker Swane!

Welcome once again my friends in 311 nation! It’s time for another fan spotlight! This week let me introduce you to Lisa Parker Swane!

It was just a short time ago, in 2011, that Lisa was introduced to the wonderful sounds of 311 thanks to a great friend. She found herself jamming out to “Sunset in July” in her kitchen so she did some research and found out that they were playing a show in Atlantic City in October of 2011. “That would be my first show and the day my life would be forever changed. Seeing the fans singing, dancing, and laughing instantly sucked me in. I was hooked!”

Show count for Lisa landed at 53 this year when she saw 311 play Halloween night. She dragged her kids along at one point to their first show, but now they go willingly and it’s become their family vacation each year, which Lisa truly cherishes. Her daughter McKenzie attended her 12th show this past summer. “She’s become the best concert buddy ever.” Her son Jacob has been to 6 shows. “When I combine 311 and my kids, my heart is full!”

Favorite event so far has been the 311 Cruise 2017. “I was able to start my journey at hob in Orlando then the private show in Tampa.  Tampa is where I was on the rail for the first time.   Now I’m addicted to the excitement of the rail and the floor.  Everything just seems so much more exciting up front.  Plus being short, I can actually see! This cruise was when I met so many 311 familia members that have become amazing friends.”

Song that means the most to Lisa is “Beyond the Gray Sky.” “When I was on my first cruise in 2012,  I heard the words so clearly.   It was like all the other sounds went silent.  I heard Nick sing, ‘Don’t give up the fight to stay alive and even if you have too, find the reason of another’s pain of they lose you.’   The tears started flowing, as I had attempted suicide in 2011 and almost left my 2 beautiful kids without a mom.  Those lyrics are the inspiration behind my fb group beyond the gray sky.  A group for anyone who needs support to reach out and find beautiful souls who “get it”.  This group amazes me every day.  I realize the ones who are suffering are the first ones to help others.  Complete strangers spreading love to others.  It makes me smile every day.  I created bracelets that I mail out to help remind people to not give up the fight and find their reason to live and fight the darkness.  There are better days ahead.”

Lisa was born and raised in Vermont but moved to New York about a year and a half ago to start a new job at Verizon. She said it was hard to leave her family and friends behind-her daughter left for college and her son got a job in Maryland. “Being alone was difficult, too much time to think.  But despite the worst year and half of my life, I grew the most I ever have.  Not height wise but personally!” Lisa is now excited to be transferring to New Hampshire on December 30th! “I’ll be closer to my daughter, Boston, Hampton Beach, concerts, and tons of 311 familia!”

Interesting fact about Lisa is that she used to be a really good gymnast! “Back flips were my thing.  I used to start at one end of the gym and keep flipping until the other end.  I would be so dizzy by the time I was done I couldn’t walk.” An attribute that Lisa has is a tremendous amount of compassion for complete strangers. “If I think someone’s struggling or I see red flags, I’m not afraid to reach out to them to see if I can help.  I don’t think this is a unique quality as I have a group of people just like me, but it’s a quality I’m most proud of.  Your journey, good or bad makes you the person you are today.  I choose to learn from my struggles and do something good by what I was taught.”

Other musical artists that Lisa loves are Stick Figure, Dirty Heads, and 21 Pilots. Guilty pleasures for her are concerts, shopping, and the T.V. shows Real Housewives.

Lisa’s message to 311 is this: “Thank you, for helping me and so many other see beyond the gray sky.  Any event I attend makes me smile on the inside.”

Her message to all of the other fans:

“Thank you to my 311 familia for opening your arms and welcoming me and my 2 kids!  We have had the most amazing adventures these past few summers.  Memories, friendship, love and great music.  May it never end….  love you all!!”


Now you know the story of Lisa Parker Swane! She may be little, but she has a huge heart and I hope you all get to meet her in person one day! Much thanks to all that keep reading and learning more about fellow fans. Until next time…

Much Love – The Runt